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Are you Stressed Out to Relaxed?

Over the past six months, I have been pondering this question. I had a skin exam back at the end of May 2017. My dermatologist saw some spots that were questionable. Long story short- I had what is called melanoma incite two. It means that my moles had just turned, and the result was I had to have two chunks taken out of my left arm and right thigh.

It was another wake-up call for me. I decided to spend the summer focusing on downtime and re-evaluating what was really important to me.

It became clear that I had gotten caught in the trap of too much of everything. This trap was creating a constant low-grade stress in my body and I was struggling with being able to rest and relax. I was practicing being stressed out too much. Can you relate?

Do you find that you are in the trap of too much of everything? Do you keep getting on that treadmill of problem/ solution in all aspects of your life including your health?

Chronic pain and illness indicates that your body is dealing with too much inflammation. This is a process the body uses to heal. When it gets stuck or becomes chronic it can do serious damage such as tension, headaches, gut issue. diabetes, asthma and the list goes on and on and on.

Focus in on Rhythms that reduce stress and support relaxation...

Create healthy rhythms that support rest and relaxation. Your body needs both contraction and expansion to stay healthy. If you are stuck in one or the other for too long you will be stressed and could develop a chronic condition. These four Rhythms are key to create real rest and relaxation.

Sleeping - consistent sleep is vital. Rest allows your body to repair and nourish during sleep, so you have what you need during your waking day to be healthy and stay relaxed.

Eating - healthy, regular meals keep your body running healthy and minimize your stress load.

Movement - a great way to release pent-up stress and improve health, mind, and body functions.

Quiet time - prayer, meditation, and gratitude practice are a few examples of quiet time. Reset your body and mind and makes you feel great!

What is important to remember is when your body is stressed out and you add lots of fat and sugar, you neglect your daily or regular exercise of movement, you stay up late and sleep poorly, you are setting up your body to develop a chronic stress response.

This means inflammation and you wonder why…

your cold sores develop,

your headaches flare,

your IBS acts up,

your blood sugar spikes through the roof,

your blood pressure gets out of control,

your tension intensifies

Relaxation is a process, as is stress. You need to ask which one do you practice more?

Look to your symptoms to tell you whether you are stressed out or in relaxation.

Relaxation = good sleep, healthy eating, consistent movement and steady quiet time.

This is a great practice to start now - practice one rhythm at a time.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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