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The Secrets to Avoid Burnout and Boost Bliss!

   A slow and steady approach for busy,

get it done individuals who crave vibrant health,

peace of mind and freedom from chronic stress mindset.








  • Stop working so hard, so you can enjoy your life.

  • Learn to support your body and mind with a quick tool that gets you back on track and enhance a sense of calm.

  • Know you are not alone and can restore yourself to balance.

  • Uncover what is keeping you frustrated, overwhelmed and tired all the time.




Discover how small actions — even the smallest changes — can have a large impact in your body, health, and your business.


As a participant you will:


  • Discover the Secret Healthy PACE formula that can have you stop working so hard to ‘keep up’ that frantic pace, so you can become productive, profitable and joyful at work and at home.

  • Find out the #1 body sign that tells you you’re in fight and flight and stuck and what you can do to trigger your new ‘go to secret weapon to move into calm, confidence and ease instead.

  • Pay attention to these key body Rhythms s o you can move from a Frantic P.A.C.E™. to a Healthy P.A.C.E.™ for restored health and peace of mind.


This talk is great for any group that has members who struggle with chronic pain, chronic stress or burnout to include :


  • Business organizations

  • Networking Groups

  • Hospitals

  • Spas and their staff

  • Resorts and staff

  • Massage therapists

  • Nurses

  • All health-care providers

  • Pregnancy Groups

  • Chronic Pain groups

  • Human Resources

  • Lawyer Groups






Amy Lewis, BS LMT CST-T, NCMTMB PROVIDER, Founder of Craniowave®  & Change your PACE, Change your Life® empowers and inspires those who are in pain to heal, so they can restore their health, renew their peace of mind and find freedom from the chronic stress trap.  Amy helps those who have a hectic and debilitating pace at home, work or in business to reset it with her Healthy PACE Formula so they can get their life back on track and live a sustainable, successful, and joyful life.


She is an expert in helping you release your symptoms, reduce your stress and manage your pain so you can enjoy your life and work again! Amy is an advanced cranial sacral healer, teaches other Practitioners in  Healthy PACE plan and is a dynamic speaker.

Amy’s work is a fusion of art and science; drawing on her deep knowledge of the human body, in combination with her capacity to have compassion, so that transformation happens.


To contact Amy for a transformational event: 530-305-0849 or


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