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People just like you who have transformed their pain patterns...

“I appreciate how Amy is in tune with my body and helps it get the flow going.”

Before seeing Amy, I was having neck pain and stiffness, tight shoulders and body aches.  Along with headaches I often felt low energy through the day.  These made me tired, grumpy and less tolerable of daily stressors.  I lost sleep due to the pain from headaches and I would wake up stiff all over.

My Breakthroughs included:  relaxed neck, and a consistent night sleep. I also began to have increased energy and improved emotional well-being.  I have experienced life without neck pain and can ‘sense’ stiffness and triggers before it gets too bad.   I feel more balanced and in tune with my body.

I now have a connection to my emotional reasons to why my body holds the tension.  And feel more in touch with my pains in order to let my patterns go.  I have learned to ask myself (body) purposeful questions and now I often get an answer and am able to let it go—more often the not!

I appreciate how Amy is in tune with my body and helps it get the flow going.  I like the visionary process to help me know what is going on inside my body.  I always feel better after a session and feel better about myself.

Susie Lewis, Educator

“Now I plan every day around my Body Rhythms to support my body, health and business!  I feel clearer have focus and feel more energized.  I get a lot more done in less time. Yet even better, I feel connected to my spirit again.”

Amy, you’ve been such a godsend to me. As a single mom running a successful business from home, I began to accept stress and tension as par for the course. I love my work but I was exhausted, pulled in a dozen directions with competing priorities and responsibilities.

Then you gave me that deceptively simple advice and everything shifted.

“Return to your daily rhythms,” you said. Rhythms? I wondered. What rhythms? That’s when I realized the harsh reality: Even though I’m in the business of health and wellness, I was neglecting my own self-care. And I was paying the price.

Armed with your Paying Attention to Body Rhythms like sleep, eating, movement and mood, I began adding new daily rituals to my life that I’d neglected along the way. Short morning meditations, inspirational reading, hot baths, a clutter-free environment.

At first these things felt like one more thing to do. But as I added each one, a funny thing began to happen. The chatter running through my mind began to subside. And I found myself every morning in what feels like a bubble of soothing energy that carried me through the rest of the day.

Sharon Desjarlais, CC, CMMS

“I began to forget to use my cane! I lost my fear of falling!  I simply feel great!”

Before I began seeing Amy for treatment,  my body felt “ out of line” due to falling on the ice one winter evening while getting out of my car.  I began to have an abnormal fear of falling as a result of this trauma.  I felt wobbly and unsteady and had to begin using a cane.

Because of the fear I tended to stay close to home, and not participate in many of my normal activities such as going to breakfast with friends, taking my dog for walks or hugging my close friends and family.

My breakthroughs came gradually and accumulated over time through Amy’s great hands!

As a result of working with Amy and her CranioSacral therapy, I have been able to move through the discomfort I experienced regularly, and more significantly, I began walking out of the sessions without the use of my cane!

I also am able to live a more normal life adding the activities I enjoy because I have lost my initial fear of falling!  I feel simply great!

I have known Amy and have been having CranioSacral therapy and other bodywork for many years.  It is so beneficial to me now and has become a vital part of my life and helps maintain my health and well-being.

Shirley Smith, Retired Librarian form University of Nevada at Reno

"Everyone needs time to take a closer look at themselves and how they operate in the world." 

It's helpful to have another person perspective but it is more helpful to have someone who can see, feel, listen and help you heal, someone like Amy.

Amy has a profound way of gently cutting through the surface and bringing you to a safe place to heal your body, mind and spirit.

I deeply appreciate the relief she brought to me. I will be a lifelong client of Am because I need the power to continue to heal myself and she helps me find that. "

Alice Heiman

 "Amy’s online class was just what I needed."

Her 4-step PACE self- care system helped me deepen my internal healing skills with myself so I now can show up with more calm and more presence with clients and family too.


I was able to pick up 6 CEs and the best part – I was able to plug into class when it was good for me. 

Instant Stress-reliever!"  


Kerstin Tracey, CST therapist

"To my surprise, these simple yet profound steps give me tools to care for myself."


As a therapist, I decided to take Amy’s class to give my clients tools to better care for themselves.

To my surprise, these simple yet profound steps give me tools to care for myself,  as well as my clients. The more I am present and aware during the treatments I give, the more my clients have a positive experience with their healing.

These steps are easily implemented into everyday life. Thank you Amy for sharing this powerful information.


Christine McBride, OTR/L, CST

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