What do you do when you have Acute Pain?

Many of my clients come to see me for their chronic pain. The Pain they have had for 6 months or years. It is debilitating, constant and consuming! Chronic pain can be caused by an injury, accident, illness, surgery, chronic pain over time and unresolved traumas like birth, grief, PTSD, abuse and the like. Craniosacral Therapy can help, as it helps to identify patterns that have imprinted in the body that create restrictions, inflammation, and symptoms that manifest as pain.

But what about your Acute Pain? The immediate ache, strain, throb, stab, you feel when you hurt yourself. Examples are: You fall and hit your head skiing and feel like you have whiplash, bruised ribs, and lower back pain. Or you work out and strain your hamstring and can’t walk for a week. Other examples are, you get a massage or body work and wake up with a spasm in your back that is excruciating and prevents you from working. What about when you fall on the ice and immediately you feel your neck and lower back stiffening up. Do you ice, take an Epsom salt bath, take Advil, Motrin, a homeopathic remedy?

A great way to avoid having your acute pain become another pain pattern, that adds to or turns into chronic pain is getting some CranioSacral Therapy. It is a gentle way to assess and support the body’s self-healing. I have found that within 3 days the pattern starts to really imprint into the soft tissue. The key is, the sooner you can be seen, the easier it can be to release that pain pattern and return you to pain-free living!

Healing Tips to Dealing with Acute Pain:

  • Get checked out if you are in doubt, especially if you hit your head.

  • Ice is best for any inflammation! First 24-48 hours’ ice; only after 48 hours, you can alternate between ice and heat.

  • If you are seeing a therapist for chronic pain, remember to call for a session as soon as you can – remember 3-day rule – and get some work.

  • Try CranioSacral therapy, as it is a gentle, hands-on therapy that can relieve symptoms, reduce stress and not only manage chronic pain but help alleviate acute pain as well!

If you have questions, please go to Contact Amy in Navigation and leave me a message! I would love to hear from you!

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