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Healing Tools and Retreats


Needle Felting Class~

Join Amy Lewis for a creative, therapeutic and fun class as you learn the art of needle felting.

  • Use your hands and imagination to create your very own doll and relieve stress too!

  • Makes a great gift for a friend, family member or yourself!

  • Tap into creativity and add some much-needed fun and joy to your spring.

  • Restore Health as you embrace the seasons and enjoy the some the circle of like-minded people. 

  • All supplies to make felted figurine. 

  • Amy ’s easy to follow oral instructions to make a figurine.

  • Creative energy and being part of a group cultivating creativity, beauty, and community.


Class Includes:


Where:  Desert Sage Waldorf School

                565 Reactor Way  

                Reno NV 89502 

When:  May 20 from 12:30 to 5:30 P.M.


Cost: includes all material to make a doll-


Option 1: Prepay to save your space :$45.00

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Option 2: Prepay & add foam & needle kit: $60.00*

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Option 3: Student Rate from Age 10-24: $25

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Healing Tools Made Easy

Half- day Retreat- TBA 

This half-day retreat is for those needing help with chronic pain.  Join Amy Lewis for an afternoon of RELAXATION and REJUVENATION.


Especially if you are struggling with Chronic Pain or Stress...


  • Disrupt your sleep, making you cranky and irritable?

  • Make exercise and movement a challenge and confusing as you're not sure what is right for you?

  • Spike inflammation due to stress eating, and uncontrollable cravings?

  • Leave you in the dumps with overwhelm, more stress and frustration?

  • Create friction with loved ones or co-workers because they can't see the pain because it is invisible on the outside but ever present on the inside.


When you Restore Balance, you will learn 3 simple ways to:

  •  Manage pain and tension so you feel restored and rested after sleep.

  • Reduce stress and minimize inflammation so you can move with greater ease.

  • Relieve symptoms and recharge your health and peace of mind.

  • Maximize your body's healing ability so your life is no longer ruled by your pain or stress.


Retreat Info:


Date: TBA

Location: Reno NV actual location TBA


Fee:  Current and past clients ~ $56        


Regularly ~ $78


Register by clicking Buy Now Button below


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If you come day of class: $65.00 (no option in paypal)


* Foam and needle kit:T ake home Needles/foam pad: $15 includes 2 needles and a foam pad to work on needle felting at home.

Please, when saving spot indicate you need a foam pad and needles for class.


Healing Tools~


Great tool to help you relieve symptoms, reduce stress and manage pain by enhancing your body's self-corrective healing process.  You feel good and your body gets a boost!
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